Jason Stewart (FIREMASTER), of New Zealand, developed the Intensifire technology in his workshop a few years ago while trying to improve the wood-burner he was using. Later he was invited to demonstrate his device at the INTERNATIONAL WOOD STOVE DECATHLON held in Washington, D.C., November 2013. He competed against 13 others from several countries showing their own new and innovative wood-burner designs.  Later, he received a letter of support from a scientist at Brookhaven National Lab who had been one of the judges of the event. Since then he has been selling the Intensifire and has patented it around the world. 
In 2015, AViVA Spa partnered with Jason to promote this exciting new technology in Chile, where it could really make a difference. Here, we have devised a unique version of his technology after our own research and testing. We market this device in Chile as intensoFuego. Search our website, view our videos, and examine our lab reports for yourselves. Learn why we too received a letter of support  from the Subsecretary of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA). Please share this information with your friends, it's a problem that everyone shares. We all deserve to understand the options, so decisions can be made in order to breathe a little easier. Take control of your heater!

video: our philosophy regarding firewood

Lab result 142

We envision a clear, bright future for Chile, and we anticipate that the intensoFuego will be acepted and installed in thousands of burners from Valparaíso to Punta Arenas. We guarantee that the old or even newer (certified) stove will burn like never before, in a clean and efficient way, saving you money burning wood and increasing the heating of your home or office.
In the near future, AViVA Spa will be complemented by another new device using thermoelectric technology, which will take advantage of the normal heat wasted inside the flue and put it to work generating electricity.  It can charge mobile devices, power LED lighting, and other low energy consuming applications, charge a bank of solar batteries, etc. all while maintaining a continuos supply of hot water. Solar energy is phenomenal, but what about during those long winter months when there is little solar energy and a lot of cold? With both devices, you'll be satisfied all year long, saving money, while showing concern for our evironment! AViVA Spa has associated with TECTEG, a manufacturer of petlier technology product from Canada, to distribute their generator the iPOWERTOWER II in Chile, in the not too distant future.


These devices, together, are a perfect match of two innovative technologies. The first, intensoFuego, a unique and sensible solution to affordably upgrade or modernize old wood-burners, while the other; iPOWERTOWER II, utilizes the extra heat created during complete combustion in the flue to maximize it's electricity production through thermoelectric technology, which logically could be combined with battery systems of solar panels, to add an additional free electricity source while at the same time disposing of hot water. (Pellet stoves and most filter or catalytic systems, on the other hand, require electricity to operate, not so with intensoFuego !).  Constant social and political pressures are being applied to the users of wood-burners to switch to other fuel sources for heating, most of which consume foreign imported resources while firewood in Chile is a local, renewable, abundant, and inexpensive resource, so naturally one's heating costs would increase if you did. Consider all your options before discarding that old wood-burner for another type of heater, unless you can afford to do so.  Don't give up that old wood stove, it has the capability of being the most efficient heater (all things considered), and with the potential to generate clean energy with a truely minimal carbon footprint. Intensifire (NZ) received a letter of support from a world-renowned scientist. We also have a letter of support from the MMA. Patents for this technology are pending in several countries, including Chile. TECTEG is a world leader in petlier module technology.

Letter from BNL

Peter Hartmann, Coordinator, Coalition for Aisén Reserva de Vida (quoted with permission from https://www.eldivisadero.cl/redac-43958)


"Years ago, while visiting the School of Architecture at the University of Hannover (Germany) where an uncle was dean, we attended a talk on energy in housing given by a professor at an English university." To the astonishment of the attendees , the speaker showed that after years of experimentation they had come to the conclusion that the most sustainable energy used was renewable wood.
And that when we all expected him to say it was solar or wind, which was the great novelty of the moment! Of course, maybe that sustainability is valid for more rural areas or those not as polluted as are the case, more in the cities, especially in the south and southernmost parts of Chile. Perhaps that conclusion could be updated and perhaps today the impressive development of solar energy technology makes it more accessible and sustainable. In any case, firewood and its derivatives (or generically biomass), is a non-proprietary fuel that anyone can cultivate and manage, accessible to all, that has been used prehistorically with relatively simple technologies and given rise to local economies and industries.
Verses other imported non-renewable fuels, ... " 
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Firewood "is" Sustainable