1. Clean the flue pipe (remove all creosote and inspect them, why?)


2. Replace any worn pipe (stainless steel is recommended for at least the first two sections above the hater)


3. Verify that drafting and everything related to the combustion exhaust system complies with the local required safety standards.

4. Complete "Measurements and Obstacles", and then send us a message through the CONTACT page to confirm it with us.


While you are completing the above pre-installation steps, please contact us and request your quote, if you haven't done so already, and we will contact you with a customized quote. 

Finally, you must decide who will be installing the intensoFuego:

1- install it as a DIY (yourself), save installation fee

2- hire a local wood-stove technician (of your chosing)
3- hire our technician - Installation service


* We will deliver detailed installation instructions to you or the technician,       once the payment for the intensoFuego and *shipping are confirmed.

* Installation and Shipping fees are additional.