Three of many outstanding benefits

intensoFuego's number one benefit - cleanliness
intensoFuego's number two benefit - efficiency
intensoFuego's number three benefit- economy

Four initial lab tests were done, once-before and once-after installation, in two different non-certified stoves of different style and size. The results confirm our claim that the intensoFuego will transform burners, even the worst of them into one much cleaner. One that burns nearly smokeless can be a reality. However, there are none that are smoke free at the start-up phase.  But, with intensoFuego installed, within seconds to minutes, even an older basic wood-burner, will operate cleaner than most certified stoves, also being extremely easy to ignite, and having better drafting than the original. Moreover, you'll notice a finer ash (meaning less unburnt fuel) and you'll appreciate having significantly less of the annoying and potentially dangerous creosote buildup to worry about as well. 

The intensoFuego acts as an extra chamber that operates in an "inverted draft" fashion to enable the essentials or the 3 "T"s of combustion  to occur: Enough Time to react, adequately burn fuel and their off-gases; Turbulence to mix them with new O2; sufficiently high Temperatures for the rxns to take place. This allows the combustion to occur to a greater degree.  A majority of the un-burnt off-gases and particles of the first incomplete combustion (seen as smoke) are now burnt within the intensoFuego. Even humid wood has been shown to burn efficiently and cleanly this way.  Higher temperatures result from the same volume of wood, thus more heat is made available to the living or work environment, while much less unhealthy, unburnt, PM2.5 byproducts remain to escape into the air we breath.

In our humble opinion, intensoFuego is the most economical solution available today to reduce pollution, at the same time maximizing heating efficiencies.  This is done by updating the old wood stove not by trashing it! It will work incredibly well, as well or even better than a newer certified stove and for far less than a pellet stove. intensoFuego is constructed of 95% stainless steel, so it will last for years without losing it's potential and doesn't require electricity, as do both pellet and catalytic stoves. Nor will it need as frequent cleanings of creosote as do normal stoves, the maintenance, nor any replacement parts, as do those with catalytic filters . Experience for yourself the benefits and savings potential while continuing to enjoying the ambiance of heating with firewood.

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